FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bold Vision 150?
Bold Vision 150 is a list of Top 150 individuals who are actively empowering the world around them and leading the change in their respective fields. The Top 150 are a result of 6 categories, each containing a Top 25. For over 10 years, Startupbootcamp and Innoleaps have been on a mission to empower innovators around the world, and it is now time to give them a platform to shine and share the hard work they have been doing.
Who can be nominated?
Anyone that falls into the following categories can be nominated in the respective category page: Startups & Founders, Investors, Mentors, Non-Profit Leaders, Corporate Leaders, SMEs.
Can I nominate multiple people?
Yes please! Feel free to submit as many applications as you want.
Can I nominate myself?
Absolutely! Don’t be shy. No one knows you and your work better than you do. 
Do I have to pay something?
No! Nominations are completely free. 
Are nominations anonymous?
All nominations are anonymous. The content of the form are not shared with the people you are nominating.
What happens after the nominations are over?
Once the nominations are over, we will send an email to everyone that has been nominated. After all, some recognition is deserved for even making it here. Following the submission deadline, we will take 2 weeks to compile a list of Top 25 for each category.
I am Top 25/Top150! What now?
First of all, congratulations! The Top categories will be invited to an award ceremony in our amazing office in Amsterdam, followed by an informal networking event, panel discussions, drinks and much more!