To all the SMEs who are doing great work in their communities!

You are awesome, and we want to celebrate you with a special recognition.
This year, we are celebrating the small and medium enterprises that make our world go round.
We want to show appreciation for their contributions in their communities, and we want them to know that we value their work.
Startupbootcamp and Innoleaps are on a mission to empower innovators like this. We believe that everyone has something unique inside of them—something that could change the world if only they had the opportunity.
That's why we exist—so that people like you can find those opportunities, grow your business or company into something amazing, and use your talents to make an impact on other people's lives.

Bold Vision 2022 will recognize the most outstanding SMEs in the world.

If you know someone who inspires you, nominate them to be considered for the Top 25 Bold Vision 2022 - SMEs Category.


Open application for anyone who wants their work recognized by their peers as part of our mission to empower innovators everywhere.

Nominate someone:
We're looking for founders who are making an impact on their communities and inspiring others—whether they're small agencies, local businesses or a larger company.

We want to know why they started their companies, and how they've made an impact on the world around them (and beyond).
Nominate yourself:
If someone ever told you that your company's product or service has changed their life, we want to hear from YOU.

If people are talking about how much they love what you do, we want to hear from YOU.

YOU deserve to be part of Bold Vision 150.