The Process
Bold Vision 2022 is a set list of people who are leading the change in their respective industry with a bold vision in mind.

The list totals 150 people - 25 per category

The goal of Bold Vision 2022 is to give visionaries a platform for acknowledgement for their outstanding work, and appreciation for chasing the unobvious.

Nominations are officially open on August 22, 2022, and remain available for nominations until September 22, 2022.
The categories for which nominations are available are the following:
Application Review
The application review is focused on the following criteria and domains:
• Impact
• Sustainability
• Innovation
On October 13, 2022 we will announce who has been selected for Bold Vision 2022 - Top 150. The Top 150 list is a result of the top 25 selected per category.

Perks of being Top 150

Live celebration in Startupbootcamp’s HQ in Amsterdam, with refreshments, panel discussions and in-person networking sessions.
Private Linkedin Group with other outstanding individuals to facilitate connecting and networking.
Being recognized for the outstanding work performed.
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